Lektiehjælp i Dansk og Engelsk

Marianne Vildbæk

3504 Padova

44 år



Hello I´m Marianne.

- Born and raised in Northern part of Denmark

- Married to John for almost 24 years, two marvellous teenage boys, 15 and 17 years old

- 2019 moved to Katowice, Poland

- 2023 summer, moved to Padova, Italy

- Learning West African Pidin, and soon Italian.

- I´m connected to an English speaking community. English is my daily language. Litterally I have friends from EVERYWHERE in the world! I´m in contact with many different cultures, languages and the best bonus - their food.

Meeting new people, language, cultures and life stories is for me an essential part of my life. And my teaching.- Keywords for my teaching: motivation and interests. And ´HYGGE´ = relaxed atmosphere and teaching adjusted to your pace of learning.

- I have home schooled my boys with great succes. Experienced how 1-to-1 teaching makes the whole difference. My oldest son already passed his exam and now study to become an interior architect.

- I tailor your lessons specific for your needs - with or without books, conversation training, learning by visual aids etc. You decide.

I´m a student myself. Learning West African Pidgin. So I´m completely on your side when it comes to understanding all your frustrations and JOY of learning a new language. Let´s start the journey together.
Knowledge about food, sense og humour and culture is required to understand a new language. So all this I´ll try to include in my teaching.

As I have experience both as a mum and a teacher, I´ll also LOVE to help your child if he/she is in need of additional help understanding Danish grammar or reading. In Dansih called "Lektiehjælp".

Child or adult, Danish or foreigner. Everyone is welcome. I cannot wait to meet up with you and hear more.


Udbydes til: Private & grupper
Niveauer: Begyndere, øvede
Aldre: 5 - 100 år
Pris pr. time: 150 kr.


Udbydes til: Private & grupper
Niveauer: Begyndere, øvede
Aldre: 5 - 100 år
Pris pr. time: 150 kr.

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3504 Padova


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