Lektiehjælp i Engelsk, Forberedelse til jobsamtale og Personlig EFfektivitet


Udbydes til: Private
Niveauer: Øvede
Aldre: 5 - 100 år
Pris pr. time: 350 kr.

I am fluent in english and have been using it since I was at a young age!

Forberedelse til jobsamtale

Udbydes til: Private
Niveauer: Øvede, erfarne
Aldre: 22 - 100 år
Pris pr. time: 399 kr.

Are you gearing for an international job interview? Let's get started for preparing to jump to the next level!

What employers are looking for
What you are offering
Employer company profiling
Targeting your application

Personlig EFfektivitet

Udbydes til: Private & grupper
Niveauer: Begyndere, øvede, erfarne og eksperter.
Aldre: 22 - 100 år
Pris pr. time: 899 kr.

Let's have a discussion on how you start your career in an international environment and achieving your goals to increase personal productivity.

Time management
Stress management
Removing limiting thoughts
Intention setting
Reaching your goals

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